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Who’s Hannah?


That’s a profound question I’m definitely not ready to answer yet.

BUT I can tell you that:

  • I’m a freelance writer and editor. I always have been – even before people paid me for it – much to the annoyance of the anyone unlucky enough to get paired up with me in English.
  • I do the artist stuff: I paint, I photo, I photoshop, I draw, I drink a lot of wine and spend too much time wallowing in self-doubt.
  • I’m a techie. I work with WordPress, Code, Webdesign, Social Media, Digital art, online marketing, creative software, online businesses, ect.
  • I’m absurdly curious and keep trying to take people hostage until they teach me their ways. In a nice way though. Like with coffee and compliments.
  • Due to someone’s questionable judgement, I’ve been given access to the internet. So now I do the website thing.
  • I live with 4 furry, persistent creatures of various shapes and sizes.
  • I travel often and with an odd mix of “oh my god no I hate not being in control” and “oh my god when can I go again.
  • I’m an introvert, but a very curious introvert.
  • I have a degree in psychology. So I can read minds.
  • I like food, and therefore am for hire.

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The furballs

The furballs

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