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Quick Photo Tour of a West Coast Road Trip

Hey stranger!

You might have noticed my semi-absence(I still managed a few tweets here and there when I had service) this past week. You might’ve guessed why I dropped off the face of the Earth if you follow me in any sorta regular way. For the past several weeks I’ve been droppin’ giant conspicuous hints that I was planning a west coast road trip.

Well, that happened. And it was rad. I honestly could’ve used a few more weeks of it and I’ll definitely be doing it again.

I’ve been posting some of the pics on Instagram

I got home at midnight a couple days ago, and have been going through photos to avoid actually unpacking my bags. There’s still a couple posts to come to help inspire your future west coast road trip (which yes, you should totally plan if you haven’t already!) but while I’m putting those together (and continuing to avoid unpacking…) here’s a little tour of the stops up through Nevada and down the coast through Washington, Oregon and Cali. Hope you like ’em!

Desert Starry Night

It just happened to be a new moon and we were driving through the middle of the desert. I’ve never seen so many stars in  my life.

An abandoned nuclear power plant in Washington

An abandoned nuclear power plant in washington - west coast road trip stops

Cape Disappointment

…which is much less disappointing than you’d think 😀

Shipwreck on a beach in Oregon

Devil’s Punchbowl Oregon

Thor’s Well Oregon

Don’t fall in…

Cali Beaches

These two beaches were literally just around the corner from each other

Redwood Forest

Avenue of giants

redwood forest tree - west coast road trip


Black Sand Beach California

I have a few more photos that I’ll be sharing in other posts but these were def some of the highlights of the drive. I was trying not to take up hours of our travel time with photo sessions but the struggle was real. I could’ve kept shooting for hours at each spot.

Have you ever done the whole coast trip down highway 1 and 101?

West Coast USA road trip in a photo set West Coast USA road trip in a photo set West Coast USA road trip in a photo setadventure is out there quote - west coast road trip - curiouswriter adventure is out there quote - west coast road trip - curiouswriter

I've had gelato in Italy, pizza in Egypt, crepes in Paris, and gruyere in Gruyere. I've rafted rivers, climbed canyons, been lost in foreign cities - and foreign museums :P - and road trip whenever I get the chance. I bring my camera and dog wherever I can, always looking for the next adventure, then I write about it here. Follow along and say hi!