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Seeing through a bad day

I want today to be over. Maybe I just want a do-over, or to forget it completely. When you’re in a bad day, it’s hard to see it as a lesson or strength building exercise, even though it probably is. This bad day, like many others, has to do with…

Pack these 10 essentials to make sure all your summer photos are amazing!

10 Summer Photography Essentials

Is your photography gear summer ready? The sun, the sand, the water, the wind, the people – a camera’s got a lot to do during summer. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to take some rad photos. Maybe some high-shutter speed actions shots? Maybe some macro shots of all the cool…

My favorite photos from Italy - colosseum, Rome

Gallery: My Favorite Pictures of Italy

Italy is a lovable oddball. The county has a seriously bumpy economy (especially in the south) Catholicism versus “loose morals” fighting through every piece of its history, a claim to fame for most hand-gestures used without actually speaking sign language, and is famous as one of the most beautiful and tasty…