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7 unique gifts for photography geeks

7 Unique Gifts for Photography Geeks

Oh Internet, you know me so well. I’ve been digging around in the depths of the Internet for some good xmas gifts and, as usually happens when gift-shopping for other people, I got distracted by stuff I really wanted. Of course I got sidetracked by all the things, not just photography things. I mean for the love of all that’s cozy, shiny or dog-adjacent, how’s a person supposed to NOT get sucked into the Internet’s bottomless supply of all things amazing. I mean I just know this planner would change my life. Right? RIGHT??? But I did find some really cool photography-related items that inspired me…

Quick Photo Tour of a West Coast Road Trip

Hey stranger! You might have noticed my semi-absence(I still managed a few tweets here and there when I had service) this past week. You might’ve guessed why I dropped off the face of the Earth if you follow me in any sorta regular way. For the past several weeks I’ve been droppin’ giant conspicuous hints that I was planning a west coast road trip. Well, that happened. And it was rad. I honestly could’ve used a few more weeks of it and I’ll definitely be doing it again. I’ve been posting some of the pics on Instagram I got home at midnight a couple days ago, and…