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London, Iceland, and Twitchy Feet

I’ve spent the last few days adjusting to being home after a trip to the UK and Iceland – you may have seen some of the pics on Insta. I haven’t successfully adjusted yet. It’s driving me a little crazy to be at my house after spending every day going somewhere new for the last few weeks.

I didn’t actually come home until a day after flying in, just because I didn’t want to. Then I took a daytrip the day after I actually got home. Twitchy feet, man.

My legs are gettin’ a little twitchy even as I try to sit still and write this.

But I wanted to check in with ya’ll and say hey.

Me: Heeeeeyyyyyy! *waves*

Also me: Do you wanna go on a road trip?

Me: -NO. Don’t answer that. I actually need to stay home at some point to get stuff done.

Also me: …But do I really?

Me: YES, Hannah, you need food. You love pizza. Pizza ain’t free, yo.


Maybe some of ya’ll get my struggle. It’s just a weird struggle for an introvert to NOT want to stay home.

NEways. This problem all started when I left for London right before New Years Eve. Like much of the world, I was perfectly fine saying goodbye to 2016.

That year, WTF. Amiright?

It had an awesome end for me though. I got to watch the crazy amazing fireworks show from across the Thames river in London.

I was somewhere in that sea of people.


  • My phone died
  • I lost my dad – which happens a lot on trips with him. We actually call him “The Wanderer” now. Found him again in a pub, no worries.
  • I was introduced to what would become a favorite after-drink food spot, Herman Ze German
  • Finally made it to bed around 5am

After spending a few days in London, wandering around, eating English breakfasts, almost ice-skating, being evacuated because of a bomb threat, seeing a show and grabbing some over-priced yet delicious ice cream at Harrods, we moved on to Norfolk, which is much more small village, English countryside area.

The English countryside is adorable. And THE DOGS, guys. So many.

But after a week there it was time to move on to Iceland.

It’s winter, just to be clear. It’s winter. In Iceland.

So, it’s a bit chilly.

I may have thought I was at risk for frostbite at one point. NBD.

There’s all sorts of photos and info in an upcoming post sooooo…

That’s it for now.

Sorry I can hardly stand sitting at my computer anymore right now. I’ll definitely be posting photos and whatnot of the Iceland adventures (we drove 10 hours one day, and rented an apartment) so if you want to see all that jazz subscribe, follow, yada yada. Everything is pretty much posted to Facebook, but you may miss it in your feed, unless you tell The Facebook you want to see posts from CuriousWriter first or whatevs. However all that works.

Can you tell I’m rambling a little? A little twitchy?


To be continued…


I've had gelato in Italy, pizza in Egypt, crepes in Paris, and gruyere in Gruyere. I've rafted rivers, climbed canyons, been lost in foreign cities - and foreign museums :P - and road trip whenever I get the chance. I bring my camera and dog wherever I can, always looking for the next adventure, then I write about it here. Follow along and say hi!