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Macro lens review

Altura 2-in-1 Fisheye and Macro Lens Review

I keep an eye out for new lenses I might want to try. And there are two types of lenses I’ve been wanted to try forliteralever: Fisheye and macro. What’s a fisheye lens? Fisheye lenses are famous for creating an interesting “bubble” perspective. They’re ultra-wide-angle lenses, good for when you’re trying to get as much of…

Pack these 10 essentials to make sure all your summer photos are amazing!

10 Summer Photography Essentials

Is your photography gear summer ready? The sun, the sand, the water, the wind, the people – a camera’s got a lot to do during summer. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to take some rad photos. Maybe some high-shutter speed actions shots? Maybe some macro shots of all the cool bugs that come out during…

First Impressions of Iceland

I spent New Years and a good chunk of January overseas between England and Iceland. It was cold. It was hectic. And kinda fantastic. I’ve been to England several times before, but this was my first time visiting Iceland. This post should serve as a little guide to Iceland, from a newbie’s perspective. Everything you hear…

A review of the Opteka 650-1300mm lens for telephoto photography

Opteka 650mm-1300mm DSLR Lens Review

Photography is an art. An expensive Art. Proved by the fact that there are certain lenses that run upwards of $10,000. Telephoto lenses are famous for high price tags. And unless you’re Ansel Adams, dropping that kind of money on a lens is probably a bit tricky. That’s where the Opteka 650mm-1300mm (also called the Opteka 650-2600mm…