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London, Iceland, and Twitchy Feet

I’ve spent the last few days adjusting to being home after a trip to the UK and Iceland – you may have seen some of the pics on Insta. I haven’t successfully adjusted yet. It’s driving me a little crazy to be at my house after spending every day going somewhere new for the last…

Seeing through a bad day

I want today to be over. Maybe I just want a do-over, or to forget it completely. When you’re in a bad day, it’s hard to see it as a lesson or strength building exercise, even though it probably is. This bad day, like many others, has to do with my eyes. My eyes are…

Embracing your inner hipster

Embracing Your Inner Hipster (Before It’s Cool)

Something I’ve wondered for a while now is if the term “hipster” is our generation’s “hippy.” They seem to have a lot of similarities with our peace-loving, hair-growing ancestors (at least as far as the stereotypes go) including the way they’ve been referred to in a sort of derogatory way by outsiders. Being a hippy was…

#LoveWins and Why the Attack on Religion Argument is Invalid

Yesterday was a day for the history books, guys. It was pretty much this: It is now officially legal for ANYONE to get married to their love in the United States of America. The supreme court made it illegal for individual states to decide who could and who could not get married. Same-sex marriage…