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5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice

5 Best Political Apps to Help You Resist, Stay Informed, and Take Action

I was inspired to put together a list of political apps after I came across another blog post that listed some useful, unbiased political info. It was so refreshing to see an article that wasn’t bashing anyone, plus gave me some good ideas for how I could stay more informed about government issues. Because… Manbroman. It has been one helluva a year. And we’ve only just gotten through January!

I can’t be the only one who’s tired of being bashed to death by exaggerated, fear-inducing, hysteria-creating, fact-lacking headlines. From both sides.







*Deep breath*

And I know I’m not the only one who cares a ton about America, her people, and what this country stands for. Hence the list of political apps.


I feel like I should also note here that the title uses #RESIST. A hashtag that is currently associated with the liberal or anti-Trump movement. However, when reading this post I hope you’ll be able to  view it as:

#Resist shutting down

#Resist being uninformed

#Resist perpetuating hate in any way

#Resist seeing it as “us vs. them”

#Resist being close-minded towards each other’s views

To get involved or not to get involved…

The last few elections I’ve found myself getting steadily more involved in politics. What once seemed like a subject so far beyond my grasp I couldn’t even begin to understand it, is now a subject I regularly immerse myself in, because man, in spite of how exhausting and exasperating it can be, I care.

I care a lot. And over the past few years my understanding of politics and all it’s complications has gone from impossible-to-understand, to something I feel some sense of control over. Not like, a YUGE sense of control. But some. I feel like it’s more possible than ever to make our voices heard, and to hold politicians accountable for their words and actions.

Wait, Mr. Politician, you didn’t say that?… Hmm… that’s odd ‘cus I just Googled a video of you saying exactly that.

The. Power.

Before we get to the political apps, can we take a second to appreciate how involved we can get with our government?

We can organize protests through Facebook groups, we can tweet our senators, and yes, we can find the videos of them saying exactly what they said, whether they like it or not.

The flip side of this social media, insta-news version of politics is that it can feel overwhelming. The past week (ish) since we got our new president being a pretty damn good example. Burnout is real, and both sides are feelin’ the heat.

I’m not here to tell you who is right or wrong, or to debate my feelings about Trump or any other politician with you. I’m writing this post – which, let’s face it, is a little bit of a departure from the norm here at CuriousWriter – because dammit, I care.

I tried not to, but there it is!


As much as I might want to shut down all my social feeds and go on a month-long Netflix/Hulu/Amazon binge with my dog, I can’t. Because I have this stupid thing called hope that won’t leave me alone, and I don’t ever want it to.

The future of America is important. The future of her people is important. The future of the world is important.

It’s not something we should be ignoring or hiding from. As Americans I feel we are both blessed and burdened with the privilege and responsibility to do what we can to move our country forward.

We should debate.

We should march.

We should research.

We should comment.

We should call.

We should care.

Because it’s important.

Rather than constantly trying to sift through the giant powder keg that is social media right now, you might find it more productive to try out these political apps. They let you inform yourself about real issues from a non “THE WORLD IS ENDING IN 2 MONTHS!” stance. They let you see who your representatives are and how they’re each voting (it would be so useful to actually know their names during election season right?!) and let you get in touch with them to actually make your voice heard.

Can it make a difference? Yes.

Our politicians are elected > they’re jobs are cushy af > they want to keep them > they want to keep you happy > they will only do that if 1) they know what you want & 2) they know you’re going to vote.

Political Apps

Check out the apps below & share so others can check ’em out too!

5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice1. Countable

Excerpt from the app…

· Short summaries of House and Senate Bills
· Pro/Con arguments
· How it impacts you
· How much the legislation costs…”

This app lets you see what issues your representatives are voting on, and how they’ve voted in the past. It also allows you to get involved with politics by sending video messages to your reps and voting on the issues. Countable then sends your votes to the government offices so they can see how their voters feel about important issues.

You can get daily notifications of upcoming votes, as well as an un-biased summaries of the issues.

This app lets you stay informed, and be heard.


2. Settle-It!

Excerpt from the app…


  • Find fact-checks by searching name, keywords and subject
  • Browse Truth-O-Meter ratings by person and subject
  • Share your findings by email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Take the PolitiFact Challenge and test your knowledge of the Truth-O-Meter

This app helps you stop drowning in the endless sea of clickbait headlines we all get no matter what “side”  you’re on. Get the facts, see how truthful individual politicians are, test your knowledge.


3. Involvd

Excerpt from the app…

Investigate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s solutions and then vote on their viability. Have a better idea? Share your solution, see how it stacks up. If you want send it to the candidate of your choice.

The app’s headline reads: “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”


Cut through the useless, distracting spins and agendas and see how the solutions our politicians put forward would actually work. This app does focus on Hillary and Trump as presidential candidates, but even with the election over it’s still very useful info.


4. iCitizen

Excerpt from the app…


  • Get location-based information on political and civic news regarding the issues you care about
  • Stay up-to-date on trending issues in your community, state and nation
  • Find your representatives and identify their district and party affiliation – Democratic, Republican or Independent
  • See how your district ranks in employment, education, income and more

See info on your district and become better informed about where change is needed. Vote on policy changes and see who your representatives are and what they stand for.

You’ll find some real hit-home reasons to get to the next voting booth, even if it’s not a presidential election.


5. Brigade

Excerpt from the app…

Key features:

  • Create or join debates to make your voice heard on important issues
  • See how your beliefs compare to fellow voters and politicians who represent you
  • Influence public opinion in your political districts and learn what others think
  • Complete your civic profile, a place to showcase what matters to you

Create meaningful debates and discussions, become informed and figure out where you really stand on important issues. A social network, specifically made for people who care about their country, county and government by the people for the people.


5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice 5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice 5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice 5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice

5 political apps that help you stay informed and raise your voice

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