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7 unique gifts for photography geeks

7 Unique Gifts for Photography Geeks

Oh Internet, you know me so well.

I’ve been digging around in the depths of the Internet for some good xmas gifts and, as usually happens when gift-shopping for other people, I got distracted by stuff I really wanted.

Of course I got sidetracked by all the things, not just photography things. I mean for the love of all that’s cozy, shiny or dog-adjacent, how’s a person supposed to NOT get sucked into the Internet’s bottomless supply of all things amazing. I mean I just know this planner would change my life. Right? RIGHT???

But I did find some really cool photography-related items that inspired me to search out more awesome stuff for photography nerds, like myself.

Just FYI if you buy through some of the links on CuriousWriter I might get a small percentage of the sale, and I very much appreciate the support!

1. This motivational poster that puts things into perspective

2. A collection of amazing photographs by some of the most famous photographers in the world
I can’t get over NatGeo’s photographs. Their photographers are like the photographers. One of my first photography lesson books was from them, and I’m hoping to go see this exhibition next month in London!

3. A cup that looks like a real dslr camera lens (and this one comes with an adorable little 16gb USB too! STORE ALL THE PHOTOS!)

I keep thinking about buying this lens/mug (le mug? *laughs exactly like Lumière*) for someone – but who? Maybe I’ll just end up buying it for myself. Mostly just to see the reactions of people when I start drinking from my lens.

**I can’t laugh like Lumière and it’s one of my biggest dissapointments in myself

4. This phone case that makes your phone look like an actual camera


5. This BAMF-looking vintage style camera bag made with waterproof canvas

One day when I can justify getting yet another camera bag, this will be mine.

6. This hella fancy camera strap for serious multitaskers

Apparently you can have more than one camera hanging around your neck. I guess that could be handy if you had 2 camera bodies and wanted to be able to switch between lenses, like, ultra-fast. It kinda blew my mind when I found it.

7. This set of 100 Photoshop Elements actions to make editing photos ridiculously easy

If you haven’t used Photoshop actions then you’ve been missing out, my friend. It’s sorta like Instagram filters, but times a thousand.

Pretty sweet stuff, right? I’m a little obsessed.

I’m also heading out to the UK and Iceland next month so I keep looking at stuff for that trip too. I’m so impressed by some of the unique things I’ve found on my internet segways, but I gotta save a bit for that trip. So for now, I will resist buying [much] for myself and try to focus on gifts for others.

It’s an exercise in willpower, guys. We can do it!
7 unique gifts for photography geeks - or anyone really

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