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short videos that will make you want to visit iceland

5 Youtube Videos That’ll Make You Want to Go to Iceland

I setup this post a few months ago, but I haven’t published it until now because it sorta got forgotten in the “drafts” heap.

Sorry post.

I’m finally getting around to sharing these amazing short videos of Iceland with you because, well, I’ll be there in about a month. What’s funny is I didn’t have any idea I’d be going to Iceland when I put this together. I just thought it was a beautiful place and these videos were a great way to see it.

This year I’ll be in London for New Years, and moving on to Iceland a week or so after that. It’s pretty sweet, but I’m also a bit anxious about all the travel. The LINES guys. The. Lines.

They are the bane of my travels.

Plus I normally can’t sleep on planes. Or in cars. Or anything moving. So I fully expect to emerge on the other side of my US-London flight looking like a relative of Oscar the Grouch.

But enough about me, check out these super-short tours of Iceland:

P.S. If you’ve ever been there feel free to leave me a tip or two!

Tons of beautiful Iceland scenery in under 5 minutes.

Crazy gorgeous HD video of Iceland, including some shot from above – via drone, I’m guessing.

Purely aerial shots and OHMYGAWD it’s pretty!

Two words guys: Ice caves.
This video is effing majestic.

Follow a couple dudes on their trip around Iceland in this “short film” – it’s really short – that they’ve put together.

5 videos of Iceland that make the other countries jealous

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