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25 Ways to Instantly Get in the Mood for Fall

I cannot be the only one who waits all year for Fall to come around again.

The leaves, the crisp air, the warm drinks, the plaid, the boots, Halloween. All of it. I know some people are summer-lovers, but in my humble opinion, Fall is where it’s at.

A week or so ago I started getting this weird feeling in the morning – a Fall feeling. The air was just a touch cooler, the sky was just slightly bluer. It’s got me thinking. It’s time.

It’s time to start embracing the awesomeness that is Fall. Or, to be proper *puts on top hat and monocle*, Autumn.

I DISCLAIM! *Ahem* Some links and pics are affiliate links (mostly to Amazon because they’re my jam) so I  can make money if you buy a thing through them, but of course it doesn’t cost you any extra. Cool? Cool. Now that that’s outta the way…

Here’s 25 places my brain goes when I want to get in the mood for Fall

1. Stock up on Sweaters & Jackets

It is sweater weather. The air is just getting to the point where we can start justifying jackets again. Sometimes we’ll even wear sweaters when we go from a justifiably cool morning to a rather warm afternoon. That in between time when rocking a sweater means you’re gonna put up with a little sweat. And dammit, I will sweat for a good sweater

2. Hikes


Even if you’re not a big outdoorsy person, Fall can make you enjoy hiking. Forests turn into works of art when the leaves start changing. Plus it gives you a reason to pack up a backpack with a some tea and a couple sandwiches and find a great view to enjoy with a friend.

3. Grab Those Fall Boots

Since you’re on a hiking kick anyways, you might as well give into the Fall tradition of getting new boots.

Fall boots aren’t like winter boots. With Fall boots, you can get away with buying a pair that are mostly adorable, even if they aren’t super warm. Once you move into winter, not so much. I figured this out in while traveling in Iceland… in winter.


4. Movies

Once Autumn really hits you have a great excuse to stay in out of the chill and watch movies.

I’m partial to horror movies this time of year, but certain movies and TV shows that give off that particular fall-y or nostalgic vibe also work. Stranger Things is def on my re-watch list this Fall because it checks both the creepy and nostalgic boxes.

Also just found this sweater for Stranger Things I’m sorry WHAT. Yes.

Crimson Peak, Sleepy Hallow, Gilmore Girls and Pride and Prejudice, and newly, This Is Us are a few that I end up rewatching a lot on a cool Fall day or a stormy night.

5. Cuddle Up with Some Blankets

You get a blanket. I get a blanket. Everybody gets a blanket!

No bed or couch is complete without a cozy snuggle-approved blanket for Fall.

6. Make ALL the Comfort Food!

Now is the time to start looking through cookbooks for the best comfort food recipes. Chill out a little on your weight watching, ’cause it’s Fall and life ain’t all about that scale.

Chicken and dumplings, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy on all the things. Treat yo self.

Maybe also take a yoga class though. It’s all about balance, right?

7. Enjoy Hot Drinks

Hot chocolate, hot cider, Glühwein.

Certain drinks, like food, have a way of bringing us together for some of the best times. Hot cider warms your hands through your gloves. Warm mulled wine keeps the conversation going late into the night by a fire with a friend.

Best things about fall

Fall drinks have a quality that you just don’t get with the year round cocktails, beers, or soft drinks. Check out this list of hot adult *awkward wink nudge nudge* drinks.

8. Hats for Everyone!

Once I can wear my favorite beanie without getting weird looks from people, you know its Fall.

9. So many activites

Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, holiday festivals, dances, Halloween. Fall is the time to keep an eye out for new opportunities.

10. New Season, New Hair

I can’t say exactly why, but when the seasons change it seems natural to change your hair too. Cut it or color it, something about Fall just makes making a pretty big change less scary and more exciting.

11. Jack-O-Lanterns

Not gonna lie, Halloween makes up a lot of my reasons for loving Autumn. It might be my favorite holiday… in competition with Thanksgiving (food, guys) and Christmas.

Even though I would never be described as a kid person, gathering up the ankle biters within your friends and family and helping them carve faces into a group of newly picked pumpkins is kinda adorable. Add some cider and you have a pretty memorable fall day.

12. Start planning those Christmas gifts

Speaking of Christmas, fall is the time when you can really start thinking of the gifts your loved ones will enjoy most. Lots of Amazon browsing sessions…. that probably end up with you (also see: me) getting yourself a few things.

13. Cozy up with a good book

Fall reading and cozy cat

If you’re gettin’ tired of Netflix (if that’s a thing that happens…) or maybe your power takes a dive during a Fall rainstorm, get yourself into a good book.

Like movies, I lean toward scary and/or nostalgic. Especially during the Fall. Something about those two subjects lining up with Halloween and coziness probably.

Ready Player One is a book I’ve just finished and would highly suggest.

Also, the I Am Not Serial A Killer series and The Last Apprentice series are great (very different) books to finish before Halloween comes around.

I use Audible to listen to books to for when I’m at the gym or cooking or driving. Basically whenever I can’t hold the actual book to read it.

14. Fall Photos

If you have an interest at all in photography (I do, just in case that wasn’t clear by this blog…) Fall light creates AH-mazing opportunities for photos.

For one, the cool, crisp skies provide stars for miles.

Fall Sky

It’s also fairly common knowledge that the best natural lighting for photography is during the “golden hour” – sunrise or sunset. Because the sun comes up later and goes down earlier in Fall you don’t have to chase it at crazy hours. And that light let’s you take photos with a halo-like effect that makes everything actually look like Fall.

I can’t really explain exactly what that means, but it’s a thing. You’ll know it when you see it.

15. Baking

Even if you’re not a big baker, and whether you’re a dude or a lady, I’d suggest taking up some baking in the Fall. There’s nothing quite like your whole house smelling like warm cinnamon and cookies.

16. Scarves

I want to wear scarves year round. I also overheat – like pass out – at the drop of a hat. Once the air gets cool and crisp though, SCARF FREE FOR ALL.

17. Backyard Get-togethers

Fire pit camping on a west coast road trip

A little fire pit, some cheap blankets, warm drinks, good music and great friends. There are few ways this kind of party can be topped in the Fall.

18. Camping

Yes, camping can be done any time of year, and yes Fall starts to get a little chilly, but camping during autumn is unique. During summer the forests are buzzing with bugs and birds and animals.

During the Fall, the forests get quiet, except for the rustling leaves as they fall and are blown around by the wind.


You wake up in the morning and can see your breath, boil water for tea over your campfire. You’re layered up, a chunky beanie pulled down over your ears, scarf slung around your neck, huddled in on yourself, chatting with your friends.

It’s a different experience in the Fall. One worth having.

19. Candles

For those that don’t want to bake, don’t enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, or just want to spend a quiet night with candlelight (I have a couple on my coffee table and hell yes I treat myself to a candlelit dinner with wine and a movie) the world is full of awesome-smelling candles.

Cookies, cinnamon, flowers, or just straight Autumn-smelling candles are a fantastic little sumthin’ sumthin’ to add to your house during Fall.

20. Pot Roast

Speaking of makin’ your house smell amazing, may I suggest: Pot roast.

It’s a lazy person’s dinner (if you use a slow cooker like I tend to) that’s perfect for Fall dinner – all those fall veggies – plus has the added benefit of making your house smell AWESOME.

21. Road trip

An abandoned nuclear power plant in washington - west coast road trip stops

You might get tired of me telling you to head into the forests in Fall, but c’mon. They’re. So. Effing. Pretty! Also mountains. Also take a couple days to drive to a cabin – you can find some awesome ones on Airbnb – stop at some Fall festival on the way, pick a couple tiny pumpkins.

I took a road trip last fall up the West Coast and back and would do it again in an instant.

Here’s 26 apps just for road trips to help you on your way.

22. Leaf Jumping

I will probably never understand people that immediately try to get rid of the leaves that fall on their property without first piling them and jumping into them.

Yes you’ll be pulling pieces of leaves out of your hair for weeks. And yes, it is worth it.

23. Go to your library and local bookstores

Even though you can get all your reading material online, in my opinion libraries and little bookstores are treasures that can’t be replaced or replicated.

And in the Fall it feels even more appropriate to spend some time among the stacks.

24. Picnic!

Once you have a good book a, grab a basket or backpack and pack up food, a blanket, a thermos, your best four-legged friend, and maybe a human one too – then head out on a fall picnic. Set your blanket on the leaves, enjoy the cool air and the steamy cuppa whatever you brought. Take turns reading a book out loud.

25. Write a book

Apparently book is synonymous with Fall because I can’t stop connecting the two. But it can’t be coincidence that Fall is also home to NaNoWritMo. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, this is your opportunity.

Sit by your fire with your hot cider while eating pot roast and write your book.

Did I miss anything? What are the things you looooooove about Fall?

25 things to get your in the mood for fall25 of the best things about fall

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