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Planning a west coast road trip part 2

11 Best Spotify Playlists for a Road Trip

This is Part 2 of the Planning an Epic Road Trip series, check out Part 1 here.

Planning an epic west coast road trip: Part 2 - Road trip musicIf you don’t have spotify, no worries, you can take a look through these playlists and choose songs to get from wherever you want!

I’m a little obsessed with Spotify. I actually bought a subscription to Spotify specifically for a road trip… and then never looked back.

I decided to pay for “a month” (which turned into like 2 years so far) of Spotify because I loved that you can choose specific songs to listen to. I specifically chose it for road trip music though because Spotify lets you download music so you can listen to it without an wifi or data connection.

I figured that feature would be really useful on a road trip because there are definitely times while driving that your service gets sketchy, and can make your music cut out.

Since I’m going on another driving trip¬†soon, I decided to put together this list of the best Spotify playlists to listen to on a road trip.

I love classic rock, but also pop, electronic, modern rock, and oldies. It all depends on the song. Luckily these playlists have a ton of great songs on them. It actually makes it kinda hard to choose which one to listen to ;-P

Hope you guys like ’em!

1. Classic Road Trip Songs

I’m a sucker for classic rock, and this playlist has soooo many great songs. Fortunate Son, Magic Carpet Ride, Back in Black. This is awesome music to have with you on the road.

2. Indie Rock Road Trip

This is a really nice, light group of songs that I could imagine listening to on a beach trip or when you’re driving along a beautiful desert road.

3. 70’s Road Trip

Classic 70s groovy awesomeness. If you have a little bit of nostalgia, this is a great road trip playlist. Even if you’re not sure you’ll know any songs from the 70s, once you start listening to it, you’ll definitely recognize some of the famous music here.

4. Road Trip Sing-Along Songs

No. Not like Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Like All Star, Under Pressure, Beautiful Day, Hotel California. The songs that you’ll start singing along with whether you mean to or not. Singing makes the driving days go faster anyway, right?

5. Family Road Trip

Honestly, anyone can enjoy these songs on a road trip, whether or not you have kids in the car. It’s like every song is something you’ll recognize. They’re all so damn catchy!

6. The Perfect Road Trip

A really modern, pop/electronic playlist for more college-age roadtrippers.

7. Get Going

This playlist has a great mix of classic rock and new pop. It’s super-upbeat, definitely something to listen to when you have to start driving early in the morning.

8. Drive Through The Mountains

A chill playlist for driving through rainy forests and up mountains roads. Perfect for when you might want to roll the window down and appreciate what’s around you but still listen to some music.

9. Rockin’ Road Trip

Another rock road trip playlist, but with artists like Twenty One Pilots and Coheed and Cambria, it’s a more modern set of rock songs.

10. Barcelona Layover

This might not be for everyone, but personally I loooove the sound and style of certain Spanish music from my time as a flamenco dancer, This playlist has a lot of great songs for driving through new cities, and down winding European roads.

11. Highway 61

If you have a classic car – preferably a convertible – this playlist is literally made for you. Every song on here should be listened to while driving. And it’s seriously full of some of the best oldies ever.

Having the time to listen to a bunch of great songs is one of my favorite part of road trips. It’s an excuse to go through all your favorite songs, and get to know some new ones. I did a drive a couple years ago where I was driving solo for 16 hrs a day, and a good set of songs for the trip made the whole thing bearable.

Hope you guys like the playlists, don’t forget to share this around for others!

What are some of your fav songs?

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