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Macro lens review

Altura 2-in-1 Fisheye and Macro Lens Review

I keep an eye out for new lenses I might want to try. And there are two types of lenses I’ve been wanted to try forliteralever: Fisheye and macro. What’s a fisheye lens? Fisheye lenses are famous for creating an interesting “bubble” perspective. They’re ultra-wide-angle lenses, good for when you’re trying…

First Impressions of Iceland

I spent New Years and a good chunk of January overseas between England and Iceland. It was cold. It was hectic. And kinda fantastic. I’ve been to England several times before, but this was my first time visiting Iceland. This post should serve as a little guide to Iceland, from a newbie’s perspective. Everything you hear about Iceland is pretty much on point. In winter, it’s cold. I was there in January. Planning a trip to Iceland this winter? See what to pack here. It’s very cold, the days are short, and warm clothes are going to be your best friend – especially if you’re spending any time out in the wilderness – AKA 99% of the island. Once you get a few miles away from the largest city in Iceland, Reykjavik (with a staggering population of about 120,000, according to Google) there’s NOTHING. FOR. MILES. You might come across the…

Quick Photo Tour of a West Coast Road Trip

Hey stranger! You might have noticed my semi-absence(I still managed a few tweets here and there when I had service) this past week. You might’ve guessed why I dropped off the face of the Earth if you follow me in any sorta regular way. For the past several weeks I’ve been droppin’ giant conspicuous hints that I was planning a west coast road trip. Well, that happened. And it was rad. I honestly could’ve used a few more weeks of it and I’ll definitely be doing it again. I’ve been posting some of the pics on Instagram I got home at midnight a couple days ago, and have been going through photos to avoid actually unpacking my bags. There’s still a couple posts to come to help inspire your future west coast road trip (which yes, you should totally plan if you haven’t already!) but while I’m putting those together (and continuing…